Genie In a Bottle - Stamina Spray (Warm)

Product Description

This warming spray is designed to extend your endurance levels and is applied sparingly. Enjoy your solo adventures for longer or spoil your partner with a night of endless pleasure!  This spray not only delays climax so that you can last longer, but also has a warming effect, giving your more stimulation. The handy bottle has the perfect size to fit in your toiletry bag, perfect to take on holiday. The practical spray cap makes sure the dosage is perfect, making sure the bottle lasts you longer. Spray 2 to 5 times (= 1/2 ml) and immediately feel the warming effect!

Spray to area and enjoy the stamina enhancing warming action for yourself!

Purchase of this Item Includes a Free Genie Gift!

  • Helps to slow the onset of ejaculation 
  • Pleasant warming sensation 
  • Size: 60ml

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