Rechargeable Walker Prostate Stimulator

Product Description

The Walker Prostate Stimulator is one of the toys a butthole would dream of if it could sleep. Reassuringly shaped like a joystick it temps you find what some call the "forgotten orgasm" The anal orgasm is by its very nature a unisex orgasm, so partners can help each other to find a pleasure that they themselves (no matter what gender) also know the exact shape and feel of. It can be experienced without an erection, (clitoral or penile) without an ejaculation, and most importantly it can be acheived over an over again. So whether it is with a special someone or purely for your self the mosadi is definately worth buying to see if you can 'remember' this forgotten pleasure.

-Pure silicone

-100% waterproof

-Super silent

-Magnetic charging

$129.95 $199.95

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