Magic Motion Dante Cockring App Controlled

Product Description

Cockrings are one of the simplest most reliable ways for a guy to last longer, it is the surge in blood pressure inside the penis which is often the main trigger causing a guy to orgasm. A cockring holds the pressure in the shaft at a constant higher level, firstly this stretches the spongy tissues of the shaft to a bigger size and secondly it means the final surge in extra pressure is minimized which means a guy can control the "point of no return' better. Regular use of a cockring, can actually increase a penises size, as a well fitted ring can stretch a penis almost as well as a pump.

If it were possible for a sex toy to be so in/hip, that it was in fact out/cliche then? Then the dante cockring is as in as dovecotes and walkmans, buddha heads* and batteries.

The Dante cockring is so current in its design that it is a sex toy that can be used in public. It has the abiltiy to be used paired with the candy or the flamingo (also in the Magic Motion range), wherein the couple with each others password can control each others toy so that during a night out they can tease each other until they either have to strip off then and there, or make a lude rapid exit.

*whole buddhas are not out just their bodiless heads.

$89.95 $129.95

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