Jes Penis Extender Kit

Product Description

Jes Penis Extender Kit

Unlike cheap imitations, with Jes Extender there’s no minimum amount you have to use – but the more dedicated you can be, the faster the results will be seen. Once you get your desired penis size, there is no need to keep using!

Jes Extender applies a very precise, yet comfortable amount of tension to the penis shaft using a proven scientific principle called traction. Jes Extender does all the work for you. As long as you use it, you’ll get the results. The penis is made up of soft tissue, ligaments and smooth muscle tissue. It is not like a regular muscle. The way Jes Extender works to promote new penis growth, results in very safe and guaranteed penis enlargement. It also straightens a bent or curved penis and has shown to be useful to help with erection quality issues and premature ejaculation.

$199.95 $299.95

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