Cako Squirming Vibrating Heated Prostate Massager

Product Description

The Cako has it all, two powerful 10 mode vibrating motors to get your blood pumping and a easyhold handgrip to get it right where you want it, then turn on the squirming rotating tip to milk your p spot till your quivering and drooling (from the mouth that is ????) if that isn’t enough to make you the Cakos bitch, then turn on the heating function to turn the remainder of your self control into a small pool of hedonistic jelly.

* Pure silicone and ABS

* 10 vibrating functions

* 360 degree rotating tip

* Heating function inside shaft head (max 107.6°F)

* High-power dual motors for prostate and perineum massage

* Remote control function

* USB magnetic charging (cable included)

* Waterproof

* Phthalate free

* Size / Tip Dia: 4.7*5.7 / 1.3 in



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