Rends Casper Rabbit

Product Description

From the look of the cute design and package it is hard to imagine that what is inside is a powerful vibrator! The uniquely designed giant head part will get sucked into the vagina and put pressure on the G-spot while the two double vibrators stimulate clitoris at the same time. In addition to that there are four different vibration levels to change between! Get ready for something you never have experienced before - Casper is an offensive vibrator for women who love to come hard with strong G-spot stimulation.

Compared to other rotating based vibrators out there Casper Vibrator is totally different with a brand new structure. Unlike them you can just insert it with ease and it will automatically locate and put pressure on your G-spot and stimulate, without worrying about loosening.

The head part might look too big but once you insert it, it won’t cause any pain. After insertion, try not to use vibration more than necessary, just let it stroke your upper vaginal wall and slowly move it back and forth. Thanks to the unique curve in the structure it will fit just perfectly and even makes it feel like your vagina swallows it – while it stimulates the G-spot.

There are three vibration functions; one for the head and two for clitoris. Each of them can be adjusted with four different vibration modes. And even though the strong vibrations don’t worry about any noise, it is super quiet and super easy to use.


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