About Extasy

Extasy has been established for over 20 years and owes its long term success to an unwavering commitment to the best products, backed by a keen need to search for what is new, guided by you, our customer base. A single inquiry can, and has lead to a complete change in our businesses direction. We aim always and only to provide you with the tools and information for your sexual exploration and liberation.

We even now, search globally, test extensively, troubleshoot endlessly, and inject an attitude of fun and open mindedness into whatever area of the huge sexual repertoire you currently wish to explore. If we don't seem to carry a product that you are looking for, please don't hesitate to flick us an email, or message us on Facebook.

On average, Extasy, as a team, on a daily basis, will test and assess hundreds of products from every source we can find, to ultimately glean maybe just one of the 'product pearls' from the flesh of the 'global oyster'. Many products, even popular products do not make the grade and do not get Extasy's time of day, this is because we are 100% product focused, not brand focused. We allow that certain brands are good, maybe great at certain things, but just because they make a new toy does not make it automatically worth selling. Conversely just because we have never heard of a brand or product does not mean it isnt the work of a sexual pleasure genius.