Bathmate xtreme x20

Product Description

This bathmate pump is designed to accommodate the length and girth of the most well-endowed men. This pump is 20cm long and created to satisfy the most commanding cocks! This oversized cylinder uses either water or air vacuum power to increase pressure and blood flow to your cock as you pump. Over time, this process can increase sensitivity, maximize size, and give you the firmest of erections. It’s perfect for enhancing both solo and partnered play to make your manhood even more impressive. The pump features a clear cylinder so you can watch your progress and enjoy the view of your monster rod with the patented bathmate accordian base and spongy airtight seal that will help you get the most out of your pumping experience. The air attachment features a comfortable bulb that lets you safely increase the vacuum with a safe but effective maximum pressure. And, when you’re done pumping, a quick-release valve relieves the pressure from your penis immediately. Treat your penis to maximum growth, pleasure, and hardness with a pump designed for the biggest and longest men. Reach your ultimate penis potential!


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