Rocket Launcher 2 High Speed Male Masturbator Machine

Product Description

1.Super high speed motor,high speed gear 700 times min crazy masturbation,medium speed gear 400 times/min fast masturbation, low speed gear 200 /times min slow masturbation;

2.Telescopic ultra-long stroke:12CM ultra-long piston stroke can be long or short, pleasure can be deep or shallow, swallow dragon root from beginning to end;

3.Ultra-high frequency fixed point piston, high frequency head shot accurate fixed point telescopic;

4.Innovative shape of gun frame, double handle exchange control, all kinds of posture control;

5.There is a mobile phone bracket at the top of the gun rack, which allows you to enjoy visual feast while watching the film;

6.High-tech materials, two through honey channel design, polymer as the main material, soft touch Q bomb;

7.Fully automatic 72 tricks:frequency +speed +liner card position adjustable