Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs

Product Description

 'Yoni' is the Sanskrit name for 'Vagina' or 'Womb' and is becoming an increasingly popular way of referring to a women's pussy.

What is a Yoni Egg?

A yoni egg is a small smooth egg shaped stone or crystal, which is inserted into the yoni and worn for several holistic benefits.

These Yoni eggs are made out of polished Rose Quartz, 


  • 3 Sized Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs Attached to string
  • When used regularly and in conjunction with pelvic floor exercises they can help to increase strength of pelvic floor muscles
  • Increasing pleasure of orgasms
  • Popular for use during meditation and spiritual practices


  • Small 2cm/3cm
  • Medium 2.5cm/4cm
  • Large 3cm/4.5cm


  • 0.35kg

*For beginner use start with larger Yoni egg and gradually reduce size

*NOTE string is to be changed every use to keep hygienic 


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