Glass Toys & What to Avoid.


A Quick Guide to Glass Toys:

A common misconception is that TEMPERING of glass toys is a desirable feature.
While it might be just that in a window, it is most definitely to be avoided in a sex toy. Tempering glass sets up stress patterns in the glass that reinforce against certain stresses, but when broken, tempered glass explodes into thousands of pieces. (we've all seen a smashed shop window) Not something you want a doctor to have to remove one piece at a time.
What you want is ANNEALED glass, this is made by cooling the glass slowly and maintaining the same temperature while the toy is being made. This reduces the internal stresses, so the toy is resistant to breaking. To further reduce weak spots, avoid toys that have rapid changes in thickness or glass colour (which would denote the joining of two glass components.) so avoid the typical rose butt plug and cherry on top type designs. Here at Extasy we dont just buy what suppliers tell me is "the new amazing thing" we research the entire production and cull out the frequent " BAD DESIGNS" Here is a couple examples of REALLY bad ideas. in pink we have a thin walled glass plug, (similar in construction to a light bulb, filled with abrasive pink sand or glass). This moronic idea is sold by one of the biggest sex toy brands in the world. so don't assume a big brand has only good ideas, the contrary is more often true. Here is a link for further info with examples of toys to avoid:

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